Pasar Manggis (Jalan Guntur)

By The Jakarta Team

Inside Pasar Manggis, you can find some little cafes, each with a loud sound system, a few tables, a fridge and some working girls. The patrons are mostly small income indonesians: My ojek driver goes there for instance. A very interesting place to discover if you are a bit adventurous."It’s a market during the day, and it becomes a very weird place at dusk, with prostitutes and Techno Kota or dangdut played loudly in small cafes improvised in the middle of the unsold fruits of the day". SZ

3 comments to '' Pasar Manggis (Jalan Guntur) "

  1. Did you really go there ? Interesting to read the field report :-)

  2. These places (there are many of them in JKT) offer some of the best and most interesting entertainment. People are usually very friendly. Strategy: most people cant venture out without a crutch or two at their side; but these areas are best enjoyed alone as you then become more approachable for the locals; and instead of you always talking to your crutch or masturbating on your iphone, you, alone, tend to mingle with the locals and get to know them. not for everyone but a very rich experience. p.s. thank you for the efforts put into this site.

  3. That's a real surprise. I shop for building materials, esp electrical bits there, had no idea this was going on after hours! Is this before or after the renovation & big new building?